Business mobility plans

Drawing up business mobility plans is the main mConcept service. Deemed as being the key element for mobility management, any employer wishing to promote sustainable travel for people and goods associated with its business activities is provided with this tool.

This process involves analysing in a comprehensive and integrated manner mobility within the business and outlining a set of concrete measures which aim to rationalise daily travel for a site’s users and develop more environmentally-friendly methods of transport.

Two process types

Full analysis

For existing sites, we follow a full analysis process based on the current location of these premises, which will have a positive impact on employees’ mobility in the medium and long term.

After diagnosing the situation, based on surveys, an accessibility study and geographical analysis of where employees live, we draw up a customised action plan. Then, while it is being implemented, as far as possible, we will give you advice and support.

Limited analysis

Whenever there is going to be a change of site, we prefer to follow a limited analysis process which takes the future geographical location of the business into account. Why? If the company is going to relocate, full analysis including employee travel patterns is not advisable, given that employee behaviour will change to adapt to the new location.

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70mobility plans delivered


50full analysis plans delivered


20limited analysis plans delivered

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