Why use mConcept?


The benefits of mobility management are above for your employees. By offering your employees more flexible workplaces and hours, you’ll see a drop in their travel costs. In addition, they’ll feel less stressed and will be less exposed to the risk of road accidents.


Bring down your transport costs and rethink how you manage your fleet and parking. By optimising how your business operates with regard to travel, you’ll also increase economic productivity.


Sustainable development offers many benefits for our environment. Not only will you curb atmospheric pollution, noise and traffic on the roads, but you’ll also reduce energy demand. You’ll make public spaces more inviting and comfortable for pedestrians and cyclists, by reducing on-street parking in particular.

Who benefits from sustainable mobility?

1. Your business

  • Savings on parking expenses and reimbursement of mileage claims
  • Greater productivity from your employees due to lower absenteeism, reduction in late arrivals and stress caused by traffic jams
  • Greater commercial appeal as your site is more easily accessible for your clients
  • Greater competitiveness due to the improved social climate in your business
  • Commitment to sustainable development and adopting a “green” image

2. Employees

  • Less money spent on petrol, parking and maintaining private cars, resulting in increased purchasing power
  • Easier access to the workplace
  • A second family car is no longer required
  • Less stress and exhaustion while making home-workplace journeys
  • Reduced risk of accidents while travelling from home to the workplace

3. Local communities

  • Less road congestion
  • Reduced noise and air pollution
  • Improved safety
  • Commitment to sustainable development

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