The process

Often, simple measures and a little common sense are all it takes to start creating awareness among employees and bring about a change in their travel behaviour. This seems like a very daunting task to you and you don’t know how to make your mobility plan a success? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you, every step of the way.

1. We make contact

To get started, we’ll organise an initial meeting when we can have a face-to-face discussion and learn from you everything we need to know and also go through the terms of conditions and Letter of Appointment with you.

2. We start the analysis

Analysis is carried out using several surveys directed at business leaders and employees. We examine in detail your employees’ usual travel patterns, your business’s mobility policy as well as any measures already in place and we identify potential areas for improvement. The results of this in-depth analysis will then be presented to you.

3. We draw up a customised action plan

Together we identify which measures you are able to implement. Usually this action plan is based on seven action areas: communication and information, promoting public transport, improving active mobility, making best use of your vehicle fleet, setting up carpooling, personal services and organisation within the business and finally, facilities and infrastructures. The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works can help you implement the first two points. The rest is in your hands!

4. We implement the action plan

Now it’s time to act and put in place concrete measures which will help your employees optimise their mobility. However, it doesn’t stop here: a successful mobility plan also includes in-depth monitoring and ongoing re-appraisal.

Our seven action areas

Tools and services

The business mobility plan

For mobility management, the business mobility plan is a key service. Drawing it up involves analysing in a comprehensive and integrated manner the issue of mobility in your business by defining a set of concrete measures that aim to rationalise the daily journeys made by those using your site and develop use of more sustainable methods of transport.

Real time departures

Installing a screen on your premises allows your employees to check real time public transport departures from nearby stops and stations. It is also possible to integrate departure screens digitally on your intranet.

Itinerary searches

By using the search tool – – which is available as a mobile app and can also be integrated into your website or intranet, you can find the best way to get from point A to point B. You can predefine a departure point or destination (e.g. your premises) and enter a specific date. Once this information has been entered, the tool plans a route and displays the best mobility chain for your employees’ daily journeys.

Information stands

The Mobilitéitszentral can organise visits with an information stand to your premises to raise awareness among your employees and clients and provide them with information about their day-to-day mobility and answer all their questions about public transport directly.

Accessibility map

The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works can produce an accessibility map which summarises the best ways of getting to your premises and shows the mobility offer around your site. Ask the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works for a map, so you can hand it out to your employees and clients!

Custom platform

All information about mobility in your business available at a glance and in real time? With the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works custom platform this is indeed possible! Connect online using the access codes provided and find all the mobility tools dynamically on your customised dashboard. Of course, access is shared with your employees so that they can better plan and improve their day-to-day mobility.

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